GiftMax Portable Oxy99 Breathe Pure Oxygen 500ml Bottle Can Comprising Of 6 Liters Of Oxygen

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OXY99 oxygen for freshness and energy is a product made to help revitalize you from the stresses of modern life that leaves you exhausted and out of breath.
OXY99 can be used at high altitude where the level ofoxygen drops significantly making it harder to breathe. These potable cans are handy for people to carry during adventure sports like trekking, mountain biking, skiing and hiking.
Oxygen is considered the best tool for pushing the limits of your physical and mental boundaries. Oxygen will help you to improve muscle strength and stamina besides helping to recover from fatigue and soreness.
OXY99 treats your skin from within as it lets you take control of what you breathe when you need it most 3-5 inhalations of OXY99 daily as part of your morning and evening skincare routine helps your skin and body feel rejuvenated
Oxy99 Instantly Increases Oxygen Levels In The Body And Helps Restore Brain And Body Functions To Normal. It Is Safe And Easy To Use Certified Oxygen In A Can. By Inhaling Just 5 To 6 Short Bursts, It Helps Through Conditions Resulting From Low Oxygen Levels In The Body.
Useful For Sports Recovery, Breathlessness Due To Respiratory, Pollution, And Altitude & First Aid Is Life Saver. You Suffer From Lung Or Respiratory Disorders Such As Asthma, C.O.P.D, Etc. Helps You Recover From Breathlessness & Suffocation Caused By Pollution, Smoking, Stale Air, Poorly Ventilated Rooms, High Altitude, Etc.
Inhaling pure oxygen helps improve focus & clarity and keeps you alert as well as energized during a long day at work or school. OXY99 is a great aid for business or leisure travel, helping you feel refreshed.