Lamkei Men’s BOUNCE FIT Heart Rate, Steps, Message, Smartwatch Tracker iOS/Android QRB-1010 (Blue)

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Product Description

The smarter future is here on the fully loaded Bouncefit Quest 2. Innovative, intelligent and extremely elegant. Quest 2 houses unique display and benchmark features that gives more than what one can ask for in a smartwatch. Stay healthy and stay in control with the Quest 2!

Key Features

Remote Photography

In the connected State, Start the photo from the Wrist Band or the App to enter the Remote Camera Interface, Shake/Turn the Wrist/Touch the Bracelet and automatically take a Photo after 3 Seconds of Counting Down. Please allow the app to access the Photo album to save the Self Portrait photo

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

24 Hours real-time continuous heart rate monitoring

Step Counter

Wear the Watch and Record the number of Daily Movement steps to view the current real time steps

Activity Tracker

Estimate the Calories Burnt based on the number of Walking steps. Heart Rate/Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen

IP67 Water Resistant

Can wear it in the rain or while washing hands. Do not Swim or Take Bath while wearing

Sleep Monitoring

When you fall asleep, the Watch will automatically enter the Sleep Monitoring Mode; Automatically detect your Deep Sleep/Shallow Sleep/Wakeup All Night and Calucate your Sleep Quality. SLEEP DATA IS ONLY SUPPORTED FOR APP VIEWING

Information Mode

When the Watch pushes multiple Reminder messages, enter this interface to view the last 3 Message Records


In the connected State, 8 Alarms can be set. After setting, it will be synchronized to the Watch, Offline Alarm is supported

Supporting Application

Download the ‘Fitpro’ app from Android Play Store/ iOS by scanning the QR Code from the manual

Application System Requirement

Android 5.0 or above, iOS 9.0 or above; Support for Bluetooth 4.0 or above

Charging Instructions

For Charging, Connect the Clip Charger provided to the Pins on the back of the Watch. Please charge the Watch for 2-2.5 Hours before Turning On the Smartwatch for the First Time. Battery sign will be shown on the Screen while charging

Multi Training Mode : Press and Hold the Training Mode interface to Enter

1) Running Mode : Under this interface you can record the Calories and Duration of Running.

2) Situp Mode : Under this interface you can record the Calories and Duration while doing Situps.

Device Connection Instructions

Please follow the following Steps for Smooth connection of the Watch with the App :-

1) Scan the QR Code provided in the manual with your camera and install the ‘Fitpro’ app from Playstore/App Store

2) Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on your Phone and Discoverability is also turned on.

3) Open the Phone App, Click to start Scanning, Click on the Device Connection.

After the Pairing is successful, the App will Automatically save the Bluetooth Address of the Watch and when the App is opened in the Background, it will automatically search and connect the Watch.

Technical Specifications :

Model: Quest 2 App Name: Fitpro System: Support Android 5.0 and IOS 9.0 or above Screen: 1.3″ OLED Color Screen Resolution:240X240 Battery Type : Lithium Polymer

IP rating: IP67 Battery Capacity: 170mAh Charge Time: 2 hours Working Time: 2-3 days (Depends on Usage) Standby Time : 7-12 days (Depending upon Network)

Case Diameter: 1.3 inch/42.5mm

Case Thickness : 4 MM Band size: 20MM

Weight : 27 Grams Wrist Strap Size:5.7 inch to 9.2 inch, can fit for adult and kids’ wrist Smart Watch Size : 255mmX20mmX2.3mm

Package Include: 1 x Bouncefit Quest 2 Smartwatch

1 x Charging Clip 1 x User’s Manual

Precautions :

– Should not be Worn while Bathing and Swimming.

– Please connect the Watch when Syncronizing Data

– Do not expose the Watch to High Moisture, High Temperature or very Low temperatures for Long periods of time.

– If Watch appears to Crash and Restart, Please check the Phone Memory information clear and Try again or Exit the App and Reopen it.

– Please Charge the Smartwatch once every 2 Months if the Smartwatch is Idle.

– The Product does not prevent Hot Water because Water Vapour will affect the Ring.

– The measurement results of this product are for reference only and are not intended for any medical use. Please follow the Doctor’s instructions and must not Self Diagnose and Treat according to the measurement results.


1) Can’t Establish Connection (For Android Users) :

– Please Make Sure that the Bluetooth is turned on and the Bluetooth sign is not on the Smartwatch (The Smartwatch is connected if there is Bluetooth sign). Put the Smartwatch and the Device side by side, try to search and connect. The connection can be established on Android 4.4 and Above.

– Still Unable to Connect ? Enter settings – Application Management – Authorisation Management – Application Access Authorisation, Find Fitpro, Allow all the Access; Enter into Settings again to turn on GPS location service, Restart the Phone, try to connect again.

2) Can’t Establish Connection (For iOS Users) :

– Please Make Sure that the Bluetooth is turned on and the Bluetooth sign is not on the Smartwatch (The Smartwatch is connected if there is Bluetooth sign. Please forget the Device First). Go to settings – Bluetooth – Forget this Device, After that the App will be able to detect Smartwatch.

3) No Data Shown on App :

– Pull down to refresh the Main Page, the Data will be synchronized and shown on the App. Automatic Data Syncronization will only be done on the First time connection establishment. Afterwards, the Dat will be synchronized automatically Hourly. Besides, turn on the Hourly Measurement. The App read the Hourly Data (Steps, Heart Rate) from the Smartwatch. There will be no data shown if the hourly measurement is off.

4) After Refreshing, No data shown :

– Go to App settings – Reset Factory settings – Press – Smartband Turn Off – Turn on the Smartwatch and connect to the App again. Now the data will be able to load on the App.

5) Time is not Syncronized :

– Go to Settings – Application Management – Turn on App Access – Connect the Smartwatch and the App again – Pull Down to Refresh the App.

6) Why are no Notifications Shown on my Watch :-

– Open the ‘Fitpro’ App on your Smartphone – Open ‘Me’ (Bottom Right) – My Device – Reminder – Allow all notifications. This is a One Time Exercise and has to be done for First Time configuration.

7) Why the Smartwatch is not Charging :

– The Charging Clip has to touch the two Points at the Back of the Watch and slightly Pressed. The Watch will only Charge when the Clip is perfectly touching the two points at the Back of the Watch.

HS6620d chipset, 512kb storage rom + 64kb ram, 1.3 inch ips resolution 240 * 240 oled single touch color screen, Tough Gorilla Glass Touch Panel
Use Fitpro app to connect the phone (Android 4.4 and ios 9.0 or above)
Heart rate monitoring, oxygen measurement of blood pressure, Support multiple movement modes, Bright screen Control, Sleep monitoring, remote camera control, sedentary reminder, Push Notifications (Whatsapp/Text/Call/Social Media), Bright adjustment, calorie calculation, stopwatch, Full Fitness Tracking through Application, vibration
A variety of different style dials for you to choose from to replace (Touch and Hold the Home Button to change Screen Wallpaper), Call reminder and push messages (sms / skype / facebook / twitter / whatsapp)