Life Plus Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre

Price: ₹ 48,000.00 - ₹ 34,500.00
(as of Nov 27,2021 06:14:18 UTC – Details)

Life Plus Oxygen concentrators LPM-203 has an air compressor, two cylinders filled with zeolite pellets, a pressure equalizing reservoir, and some valves and tubes. In the first half-cycle the first cylinder receives air from the compressor, which lasts about 3 seconds. During that time the pressure in the first cylinder rises from atmospheric to about 1.5 times normal atmospheric pressure (typically 20 psi/138 kPa gauge, or 2.36 atmospheres absolute) and the zeolite becomes saturated with nitrogen. As the first cylinder reaches near pure oxygen (there are small amounts of argon, CO2, water vapour, radon and other minor atmospheric components) in the first half-cycle, a valve opens and the oxygen enriched gas flows to the pressure equalizing reservoir, which connects to the patient’s oxygen hose. At the end of the first half of the cycle, there is another valve position change so that the air from the compressor is directed to the 2nd cylinder. Pressure in the first cylinder drops as the enriched oxygen moves into the reservoir, allowing the nitrogen to be desorbed back into gas. Part way through the second half of the cycle there is another valve position change to vent the gas in the first cylinder back into the ambient atmosphere, keeping the concentration of oxygen in the pressure equalizing reservoir from falling below about 90%. The pressure in the hose delivering oxygen from the equalizing reservoir is kept steady by a pressure reducing valve. Oxygen Concentrator. Rapid pressure swing absorption (RPSA) process NASA derived technology. Oxygen Concentrator with purity of 95 % + , 5 litres single flow machine . Easy to use at home, clinics etc . Standard 1 year warranty on the product available. Easy homely installation . HELPLINE NO: 8584858490

Low Power Consumption, lightweight and high purity of 5 liter oxygen concentrator
High / Low /Normal Pressure Alarm & Indicator
No other raw material needed except Air. High purity of oxygen
Adjustable flow meter. 0-5LPM