Parikshit Sublimation Portable mini AC USBbattery operated air conditionermini water air coolercooling fan Blade less duel blower with ice chamber perfect for Desk,office,study,library,games room,home,car,outdoor

Price: ₹ 699.00 - ₹ 485.00
(as of Sep 20,2021 11:50:46 UTC – Details)


➡️ (1) Mini USB air conditioner cum fan cooler is made from durable high grade plastic. USB mini ac, USB air Cooler is light weight, and it can be easily pack in your handbag, briefcase. ✅

➡️ (2) To have battery and USB operated mini ac fan cooler under 500 or mini ac fan cooler under 1000 is a great choice. in summer. It can be easily placed on your desk, car dashboard, study table and it can also be used as mini ac or mini cooler or USB mini ac table fan for kitchen. ✅

➡️ (3) The good quality mini ac cooler fan warranty for full refreshment, you can also put scent in the tray or ice cubes or ice water as per your mood. ✅

➡️ (4) The portable mini ac 3 in 1 (Mini AC with USB + Water air cooler USB + Mini portable fan USB) is mini cooler ac combo of 2 functions, First It cools you in the hot second it can be used for fragrance. ✅


➡️ The portable mini ac for home can be used as mini ac on home wall, Just put mini ac on any platform on the wall and chill in the summer, Mini ac air cooler is must buy for kitchen, hall, watching TV, Reading, Working on PC, Laptops and many more.. ✅

➡️ Compact Portable mini ac can be easily pack in your bags, thus it is most suitable product for traveling, car dashboard, and with proper attachment it can also be used as mini ac cooler fan on the bike riding. ✅

➡️ USB Battery powered Mini ac is suitable for cooling of PC, Laptops and even as a cooler for your mobile phone and other heat emitting devices. Thus Mini AC is must buy product, it make easy your day by day life not only in summer as well as whole year. ✅


➡️ The Mini AC can be powered by any USB Power source, such as PC, Laptop, Power Bank or by mobile phone through USB to OTG connector or Replaceable 3XAA 1.5V batteries (not included) ✅

➡️ We can add IceIce water scent bead into the box, and it will give out fresh chilled air with fragrance. ✅
➡️ The Blower of mini air conditioner can adjust up and down easily to control the direction of the air flow. ✅
➡️ The compact pocket size can be easily pack into your Handbag,Briefcase etc. This mini cooling device is a great refreshment when you are out such as Golfing, Travelling, Watching sports, Amusement park, Camping, Picnic and many more. ✅
➡️ The product is checked properly before dispatch. The mini Air conditioner is available in various colors, The color of the mini ac will be sent to you as per stock availability. ✅